Franchise partners and members of staff from Platinum Property Partners (PPP) gathered in the Warwickshire drizzle yesterday, on the second day of the National Workshop, to take part in a range of fitness activities organised by Team Awesome.

Team Awesome is the fitness and wellbeing club founded last year by PPP Director and extreme sports fan, Richard Davies, which encourages people to 'Do More' activities that will benefit their health and lifestyle.

Despite the rain and the fact that most people enjoyed a late night at the summer BBQ on Tuesday, more than 20 new Team Awesome recruits met at 7am for a yoga class, while others went for a 5k run through the countryside.

It was certainly a great way to clear away the cobwebs and prepare for another day of workshop presentations.

Franchise partner, Cath Colston, who attended the yoga session, commented: "Despite being a relative novice, and certainly not as flexible as some of my fellow yogis, the early morning yoga session was a real treat, and just the tonic after a summer BBQ. Good job I'd had an 'early night'!"

And Chris Tetley, also a franchise partner and one of the morning runners, added: "It was a pleasure to run over 3 miles together at a comfortable pace where we could chat away whilst doing it."

Another franchise partner, Ann-Marie Geddie, said: "It's a really great thing you have started. It is not only helping everyone move more, but providing an encouraging community of like-minded people to interact with and cheer everyone's success. Really excited to see where everyone's Team Awesome journey takes them and what we can all achieve together."

These activities are expected to become permanent fixtures at all future National Workshops. As Richard explained on day one: "It's great to be doing something that will secure your futures financially, but we all need to be thinking now about ways we can improve or maintain our health in the long-term. After all, what's wealth if you haven't got good health?"

platinum partners go for a run at the national workshop

In his 40 minute presentation, Richard also shared his recent triumph at the Marathon des Sables and his plans for Team Awesome moving forward, including information on the benefits of juicing. This alone resulted in more than 20 health and fitness books being sold, such as Born to Run by Christopher McDougall, and The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet, by Joe Cross.

What started as a running club in July 2015 has now evolved into a full-blown fitness community that is available to all staff and franchise partners. Team Awesome now puts on regular yoga and insanity classes at its Head Office, organises weekly Fitbit challenges, continues to run regularly and will soon be engaging with a nutritionist.

Nick Terry, Marketing Assistant at PPP and winner of several company Fitbit challenges so far, said: "It starts off as just making the extra effort to move more. That effort then becomes a mentality. That mentality then becomes a lifestyle. And before you know it you're looking back and realising how much of a positive impact a small band has made in so many aspects of your life."

Sam Wedge, Accounts Assistant at PPP and key Team Awesome member, added: "Team Awesome for me personally has helped me to achieve a level of fitness I didn't think I could and tick a half and full marathon off my bucket list. It's now great to see so many franchise partners coming on board and being enthusiastic about our community. We look forward to many more challenges this year."