It’s been a decade since Platinum Property Partners was born out of what our Founder, Steve Bolton, calls the ‘best worst experience’ of his life.

Taking the positive from near-bankruptcy and a failed business, Steve committed to building a robust business model that would stand the test of time while helping people achieve their broader goals in life.

Today, he has succeeded in his mission. Not only did he create the world’s first property investment franchise and fastest growing premium franchise in UK history, but with the support of his ever-growing team, he has enabled more than 327 people to achieve time and financial freedom.

Together, the network of professional landlords now owns a property portfolio that exceeds £300 million in value and provides high quality and affordable shared homes to 5,838 happy housemates across 200 towns and cities through the UK.

Despite the challenges that have faced the buy-to-let and wider property market over the last decade, including the global financial crisis, increased legislation and landlord tax changes, the Platinum Property Partners model has prospered throughout.

By achieving a 40% higher rental income than traditional buy-to-let properties, with long-term capital growth as an added benefit, Platinum’s franchise partners have been able to withstand market fluctuations and remain highly profitable.

The franchise now operates from its own Head Office premises in Bournemouth town centre – an impressive building overlooking the award-winning gardens - with 35 full-time support staff and an additional 50 specialist product and service providers based all over the country. It’s a far cry from just Steve and his accounts assistant who used to run the business from his home office 10 years ago.

The franchise and its Partners have won numerous awards, including HMO Landlord of the Year and 5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction, and 94% of franchisees consistently state that their financial expectations have been met or exceeded within two years.

In a recent survey, 99% of Platinum tenants said they would consider recommending their property and landlord.

Unlike most franchises, Platinum Property Partners own their assets from day one and have the option to leave the franchise at the end of their initial term with the business they have built. It is therefore testament to the network that 74% choose to renew as Alumni Partners.

Steve Bolton, Founder and Chairman of Platinum Property Partners, and former Winton Junior School pupil, commented: “I am immensely proud of the entire team at Platinum and what we have achieved over the last decade. It was always my intention to build a business for the long-term and to help other people to do the same, so I am delighted that we are celebrating such a milestone birthday.

“The fact that we have stayed true to our founding principles and values while maintaining such high levels of success and satisfaction just goes to show the strength of our model and the determination of our franchise partners.

“We will continue to operate with the same level of integrity and motivation for decades to come and look forward to welcoming new franchise partners who will join us on this journey.”