"Why do you never take the bin out?"

"When was the last time you did any washing up?"

"So, has your boyfriend moved in now?"

"Who do you think cleans the toilet? The bathroom fairy?!"

"Could you turn that down a notch or 10?"

Tenants argue over what can seem like the simplest of things; cleaning, rubbish, slamming doors, overnight guests, noise… the list goes on. Sometimes dealing with tenants can be a nightmare. What if they fall out?

The Selection Process

Everyone has different expectations and personalities, and selecting your housemates carefully during the referencing process is an absolute must. Prevention is always better than cure! Explaining how the house works at an early stage goes a long way in managing people’s expectations.

You are not a referee or their parent and should only become involved if they have tried and failed to resolve the problem themselves. What makes a good landlord a great one is knowing when to leave them to it and when to intervene.

Platinum Property Partners (PPP) offers guidance and support throughout the process, ensuring you are legally compliant and lay the best foundations so that you can be the best landlord you can be (while obtaining higher rents, lower voids, and longer-term tenancies).

What’s Your Role?

PPP’s lettings advisor has five top tips to help resolve any potential feud:

  1. Remain impartial.
  2. Encourage tenants to talk to each other. House meetings can be great for clearing the air.
  3. Address any specific breaches to the house rules in writing unless you have proof regarding specific offenders.
  4. Conduct routine periodic inspections, which can help to raise issues and niggles before they escalate.
  5. If the situation becomes heated or your housemates feel threatened, they should speak to the police.

Remember: what is acceptable to one person may drive another crazy. Find the right balance in your house and your work here is done.