Your network equals your net worth as Mark Victor Hansen says, so being part of a community of like-minded people can have far more benefits than finding friends who share your passion for a hobby or have the same taste in music.

Surrounding yourself with people who have the same professional and personal goals can be hugely rewarding. The sharing of information, the support and guidance provided and the sense of belonging that a being part of a network allows can make a real difference to your success.

Being a Partner with PPP is not just a tool to help people earn a lifelong income from buy-to-let property. It is a community of more than 200 people who have all built strong relationships. Together, they give and receive help and knowledge that has enabled them to not only develop their businesses, inside and out of the PPP model, but also in their every day lives.

Each year, PPP hosts several workshops, networking and lifestyle events where the entire network gets together. Most recently, we held our annual PPP Awards Ceremony, hosted by new Partner Kriss Akabusi, and National Workshop.

Here’s just some of the feedback we received which shows why being part of a network can be so beneficial.

Stephen Poole – “I just wanted to say thank you for the two great days at the conference. It was my first conference and totally overwhelming but great fun and very informative. I felt like a very small fish in a big pond and then remembered to stand on the shoulders of giants! I recognised the value PPP offer – I hear a lot of people say “you could of course do it yourself” which you technically could and save the fee - however I wouldn’t have ever got started and if I had the first few hurdles and mistakes may have been too much! My view after three months has only been enhanced. You have created something really smart that’s adding real value (in lots of ways) to many people across a huge spectrum –that is clever.”

Sukhbir Singh – “Great presentations from all of the Partners, and also great to hear from those who have not presented before. They did a fantastic job. Best workshop yet.”

Clare Hedgecox – “Fantastic two days with great content. I will be trying out loads of gadgets and gizmos and sharing my progress on Facebook. Feeling energised. Huge thanks to all involved. Love the sharing ethos of PPP.”

Sarah Underhill – “Great workshop. I always love hearing case studies from other Partners and the highest praise goes to all who get up and speak. Particularly enjoyed the auction presentation as it’s just the right time for us to start thinking about doing this.”

Alex Glass – “Great event. Always love hearing people’s stories. The awards session was huge fun.”

Barbara Bruce – “Thoroughly enjoyed the event as always. Quite a few top tips to take away, particularly from such successful Partners. I have my personal ‘to do’ list which I have now added to.”

Vashti Bedwell – “It was a great workshop and some fabulous content. Highlights for me were case studies and buying at auction sessions. Finally, I know I have said this to you before but joining PPP has changed our lives, in so many different ways. Tuesday night was such a huge endorsement to us for the journey we have been on. Last year was my Personal Development Year and one of the first things I put on my vision board after your workshop was to win an award. I hoped, but never expected this one!!! Thank you again for all the opportunities you have offered.”

Julie Paris – “Thanks so much for a great workshop and awards dinner. Top notch all the way around. I know how much effort it takes to organise something like that and so often, while it is appreciated by the FPs, we don’t always make the effort to thank you (and crew) and make our feelings known.”