During 2017, at PPP we have been celebrating our milestone tenth year in business and it’s been an awesome year! BUT we have something more to celebrate! We are proud to announce that the Platinum franchise network has now collectively purchased 1,000 properties!

We feel that this is a phenomenal achievement! It means our Partners have made a difference to over 6,000 people; Providing high quality, safe, affordable accommodation to young professionals up and down the country.

The purchase of these properties have allowed people to build profitable and sustainable businesses that have quite simply changed lives. There are so many success stories from our Partners; from achieving financial stability, to being there to tuck in a child and read bedtime stories, to the first family holiday in 7 years!

We thrive on the power of our network – every one of our Partners make up a valuable part of our network and as Steve Bolton (PPP founder) often says “none of us are smarter (or stronger) than all of us” and it is so very true.

Steve Bolton, founder of Platinum Property Partners commented, “A huge thank you to the Head office team, shareholders, supply partners, supporters and of course our Franchise Partners - past and present, it’s been the best decade of my life so far! Here’s to the Be More - Do More - Have More - Give More philosophy continuing to grow over the next decade and beyond”.

Do you want to change your life and be part of the next 1,000? Get in touch to find out how you can secure your financial future through a smart property investment model – just like our amazing Partners did!