WATCH: The conversion of a family home into a premium HMOAt Platinum Property Partners (PPP), we teach people how to cost-effectively maximise the number of rentable rooms in one property.

This is often done through the conversion and refurbishment of a family home, usually in need of some TLC at the very least or by bringing an empty property back into use.

By doing so, our Partners can earn up to four times the amount of rental income compared to a single tenancy buy-to-let property and benefit from development profits, as well as long-term capital growth.

In these video diaries, Partners Tony and Milica Bennett from Woking, show how they successfully converted a three-bedroom family home into a six-bedroom high quality shared house for young professionals - also known as a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO).

By moving a few walls, reconfiguring the property and converting the garage, the couple were able to add three double bedrooms to the property.

The house now has a brand new and lovely communal living and dining room, a modern kitchen and a beautiful but low-maintenance garden where the tenants will be able to BBQ together in the summer.

Despite having no previous property investment experience, Tony and Milica utilised the support provided by PPP mentors and had a fully tenanted HMO within six months of purchasing - testament to the good location and quality of the property.

They also discuss how they felt before and after refurbishment and how they found the whole experience.

Watch the videos here.

Converting a family home to a professional HMO - before

Converting a family home to a professional HMO - after