Here at Platinum Property Partners, our landlords always aim to offer the highest quality rental accommodation and exceptional levels of service to tenants. But what’s the good in us saying that, when what’s really important is whether the tenants think we’re delivering on our promises.

Well, as results from a recent survey have shown, 99% of Platinum tenants would consider recommending their HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) and their landlord. When we gave them the opportunity to leave comments as to why, here’s what some of them said…

“My landlords are brilliant, friendly, professional, helpful and approachable. Issues are always quickly resolved and the house is well looked after and maintained by a weekly cleaner. There have been no issues since the day I moved in. It’s been a great experience and I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay.” Karis, Norwich

“I’m very happy with my landlord. He's very responsive and professional while also being friendly and flexible. All in all, he’s an exceptional landlord.” Andrew, Derby

“The property is extremely high quality and reasonably priced for the area. The landlords are fab, attentive and approachable - possibly the best I've ever had.” Faye, Bromley

“The quality of the property is very good, as is the location. The landlord has been very friendly and helpful. Price is at the higher end of my budget but completely reasonable considering the finish.” Katie, St Neots

“Friendly and courteous landlord who communicates well with tenants at all times.” Michael, Salford

“He's a lovely man who always listens and responds when you contact him. When he isn't there, he makes sure someone else is on hand to help us. Everything runs smoothly and I feel I'm well looked after.” Rebecca, Derby

“My landlords seem very professional and thorough in what they do. They are professional, the house is well-kept and in a nice quiet location, and the housemates are nice and friendly.” Christian, Woking

“He is helpful, prompt and very proper in his knowledge and implementing procedures.” Paul, Hemel Hempstead

“They [landlords] go above and beyond to make sure all of the tenants are happy and have everything they need. They are quick to respond to any issues, whether they be maintenance or housemate related. Everything you need in a good landlord. I pay more but the quality is so much higher than my previous rental.” Katherine, Fareham

“The landlord looks after us very well, has not risen the rent in over two years, checks on the property regularly and listens to his tenants.” Ewelina, Bracknell

“No admin fees on move-in and the landlord goes the extra mile, such as supplying wine and chocolates for housemates at Christmas as a nice touch. There is constantly good, professional communication with housemates.” Fergus, Norwich

“The property is in good condition and includes bills. The location is great as it's right near the station. The landlords are also very responsive and fair.” Kirsty, Bromley

If you’re interested in providing high quality and affordable rental accommodation to happy housemates while generating a lifelong income, we’d love to hear from you.