Our highly effective, intense and ongoing training programme is what gives our Partners the skills and knowledge to build their own specialist buy-to-let property portfolio.

After a few weeks of pre-mentoring – that’s looking through the extensive resources we’ve provided to get them started and talking regularly with their mentor to help them short-list properties – Partners finally meet with their mentor on location with the aim to purchase their first property by the end of the two days.

A lot of our Partners say that this is when the journey really starts for them. Here, some of our new Partners tell us how they felt after their two-day mentoring.

Barbara Bruce

Barbara Bruce - London

“As a new Partner who is relatively inexperienced in the property business, I feel that PPP is delivering everything it promises and more. We have access to the expertise we require in all areas, the business model is robust and the network of Partners that I am only just beginning to get to know is incredibly helpful, supportive and interested in our journey. I feel like I belong to an extended family. Joining PPP was definitely the right move!”

Ewan Shinton

Ewan Shinton - Northampton

“To date, we have enjoyed the journey and PPP have delivered exactly what we expected them to. The real bonus for us has been the welcome we have received from other Partners and the sharing of information throughout the network.”

Andy Forster

Andy Foster – Cheshire

“Laura and I have enjoyed a thoroughly exhilarating experience going through the mentoring process with Mike Dixon. We went from having no knowledge of the market, the areas in demand or the type of product we needed to sell, to being happy owners of two cracking little properties in areas where we are confident we can let them out in the space of three weeks. The confidence gained in such a short time is remarkable and we can’t wait to get on with refurbishing them now. Thanks to Mike and all the team at PPP who have supported us so far.”

For more information about how we can help you to start building a specialist buy-to-let property portfolio, explore our website further or contact us.