Let’s face it, there’s still a certain level of uncertainty as Brexit negotiations continue.

A third of companies have a higher than average risk of insolvency, according to trade body R3, and starting your own franchise could be the only way to take back control and secure your financial future.

The franchising industry has grown 10% in the UK over the last four years* and success rates for franchising still significantly outperform start-up businesses.

However, this is not the case for every franchising opportunity. Every sector is different and can fall victim to changes in industry legislation, operational costs and consumer demand that impacts the profitability and sustainability of the business.

By joining a property franchise, you can reduce the risks of starting your own business and increase your returns from investing in property. No company knows how to help you build your own low risk property business that generates a significant income for life better than Platinum Property Partners.

Robust or bust?

Founded in 2007 when the property market was booming, the tide soon went out, and as Warren Buffett famously said: “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.”

Fortunately, our model hadn’t been built on the assumption that the market would always rise. All potential risks, such as a crash, falling rents, increasing costs and tighter regulation, were all considered.

This is why our robust model not only survived during the financial crisis, but prospered. Generating 40% more income when compared to a single tenancy buy-to-let property and understanding tenant needs for more affordable rental accommodation, our high-quality HMOs (House in Multiple Occupation) withstood such severe market fluctuations.

Even now, with increasing legislation for landlords and amendments to tax policies, our proven business model outperforms all other asset classes and puts to bed all of the concerns surrounding the property market…

  • Brexit has INCREASED the demand for this specialist buy-to-let model
  • House price stagnation is IRRELEVANT because the model focuses on INCOME
  • You can achieve yields of 15% ON AVERAGE, which was the highest recorded in 2017
  • LTD company models NOT AFFECTED by recent changes in mortgage interest tax relief

The ‘keys’ to our success

Sustainability is what gives you and your business long-term security and we know that people will always need places to live. More than that, these properties need to be high-quality and affordable to cater for the growing population of a young and mobile workforce who aren’t yet prepared, or ready to commit to one location or the responsibility of a mortgage.

From an investor point of view, we have adopted a long-term strategy that focuses on achieving a high level of cash flow by maximising rental income for our franchise partners. The model is not reliant on short-term capital growth or development profit, which is an added bonus.

Finally, we are different to many traditional franchise models. Yes, our franchise partners are part of a supportive and like-minded network of professionals which provides the training and support to overcome any daunting industry changes, much like other franchises, but there’s also an added level of security.

It’s a business for life, because franchise partners own the properties in their portfolios from day one, and for however long they want to keep them. Even after their franchise term ends, they can continue to operate their specialist buy-to-let business, retaining 100% of the income and capital growth.

Time to combine certainty and security?

Still the fastest growing premium franchise in the UK, and the world’s first property investment franchise, we can help you build a profitable and sustainable specialist buy-to-let business, which will give you an income for life, security in retirement and a legacy for your loved ones.

You’ll be joining a network of more than 340 people who earn an average of £50,000 to £150,000 net annual income from their property portfolios, which combined are worth £300 million.

Find out exactly why 2018 is the year of the property investment franchise. Join us on one of our upcoming Discovery Days to find out more.