Oh no, it's another one of those 'New Year, New You' type articles, we hear you scream. And yes, it kind of is. But unlike most January newsletters or inspiring blogs, this article is actually going to help you take action immediately - and like Tony Robbins once said, 'never leave the scene of a goal without taking action'.

By completing your own Wheel of Life, you'll have no problem setting New Year's resolutions for January 2017.

Have you ever evaluated where you are or how you feel about certain aspects of your life? Do you know how far you are from your ideal and what you need to do to get there? Probably not.

This is why so many people fail to achieve their aspirations, personal or professional, because they either haven't properly established what they are or taken any significant actions towards realising their goals.

Maybe you're excelling in your career, but feel like your family life is suffering as a result. You might feel relatively fit and healthy, but feel you don't pay enough attention to your work life balance. Or perhaps you're content with your finances, but know you need to do more to leave an inheritance for your loved ones.

The Wheel of Life can help you to take stock of where you are right now and where you want to be in terms of wealth, health and happiness in the future. By plotting your current and ideal position in several areas of your life, you will be provided with a simple yet very powerful visual representation of a gap analysis.

It's likely to look nothing like a wheel! But no-one's life is perfect. However, the results should then motivate you to think about methods you can adopt to close those gaps in the short, medium and long-term and get as close to a round wheel as possible.

It will be clear that some areas need more attention than others and where imbalances need to be addressed. And, if you're someone that doesn't have goals, then this will stimulate you to create some.

Where would you like your career or business to be in 3-6 months? Is there a hobby you've been vowing to take up but haven't yet managed to? Are there ways you want to personally develop or things you want to change about your relationship with your spouse?

It's not about setting yourself unachievable targets - going from corporate senior management to football club owner - but really thinking about what happiness and contentment means to you at home and at work or in terms of your health and social circle.

You will then be able to periodically review your Wheel of Life in line with the goals you set yourself the first time around, because it's important to continually evaluate your progress. Each time you complete the task, you will be at a different time in your life and have encountered many experiences that could produce different results and insights.

See what your Wheel of Life looks like right now.