Franchising can be a great path to working for yourself, providing more control over your own destiny by developing a great business at relatively low risk. But there are hundreds of different franchise opportunities and it’s difficult to identify the best ones. 

Steven Frost, CEO of the independent research firm, Smith & Henderson knows that the best way to evaluate a franchise is to talk to the existing franchisees and ask them about their first-hand experience.

Every year, Smith & Henderson asks thousands of actual franchisees to confidentially rate their franchise ownership experiences. It’s guaranteed that their answers are confidential so they give honest feedback.

Then then award 5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction to an exclusive group of franchisors that receive above average feedback on ALL five key areas that we measure:

The training and support they provide their franchisees:

  • The franchise system
  • Relationship with their franchisees
  • Leadership
  • General satisfaction

Smith & Henderson awarded Platinum Property Partners (PPP), the Property Investment Franchise, 5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction based on positive feedback from our Franchise Partners.


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