Don’t try to teach yourself how to be the greatest– that’s what Platinum Property Partners (PPP) is here for.

Do you watch YouTube videos to learn how to do things? What a wonderful tutor! You want to rewire a plug? YouTube! You want to bake a cake? YouTube! You want to tile your bathroom? Yep, YouTube can teach you how to become the greatest at pretty much anything.

But what about your more long-term goals? Would you ever use YouTube to try to fulfil an ambition of yours? If so, this might be where YouTube fails you. If, for example, you wanted to become a competitive boxer, you could find lots of information and videos on YouTube. You could also google much about technique, nutrition, psychology, rest and recuperation, supplements, etc.

You’d likely find lots of conflicting information about all of these areas. The internet would be a good starting point, but it will only get you so far. Even if you diligently researched, plus attended training sessions at your local gym with local trainers, in the end, at best you might become a club-level boxer.

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee

Would you, then, want to step into the ring with the greatest professional boxer where your livelihood – and even your life – depended on the skills, training and conditioning that you had tried to perfect based on this way of learning?

Now, if you joined a world-class boxing academy that specialises in taking a beginner, intermediate – or even badly trained boxer – up to a professional level through a long-standing tried, tested and proven system that had produced multiple professional champion boxers, that would be a much better/smarter way of reaching your goal, right? Especially as you’d be surrounded by other world-class athletes in the same academy who you could train with and learn from. How much more confident would you feel after you’d graduated to step in the ring with another professional boxer – to win the match, to earn professional levels of money and to keep your teeth.

Don’t Count the Days, Make the Days Count

The ‘YouTube method’ of doing things may have a much lower cost, but you’ll pay a higher price later – the ultimate cost of failing. The road to success is heavily stacked against you and the likelihood of being knocked out and potentially never able to box again is high. The second method offers guaranteed success if you follow the teachings, techniques and systems you learn, enabling you to become a champ in your chosen field – be that boxing, tennis, business, or investing in property.

If you join PPP’s ‘training academy’, you’ll have its tools, skills, advice, support and guidance at your fingertips in order to punch through the barriers you’ll face to become the greatest. Most of all, you’ll have ‘sparring partners’ who you can learn from, ‘train with’ and who will have your back. Ultimately, PPP will give you a sporting chance of living your dream.

To find out more about becoming one of PPP’s Franchise Partners and being part of a network of competitive go-getters, give us a call on 01202 652101 or download our Specialist Property Investment Toolkit here to get you started.