All of our Franchise Partners have great stories to tell. They come from varied walks of life and have many different reasons for joining.

Let them tell you in their own words why they joined PPP, how they have found the experience and what they think of the benefits to their finances and lifestyle.


Meet Agnes & Jonathan

Investing in Teesside

A greater return from property than corporate life in Teesside. That was the goal for Agnes and Jonathan Goodall, the first Platinum Property Partners investing in Teesside. Following a ten-year career break to bring up the couple’s two children, Agnes was now eager to get back to work.

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Meet Gertie

Investing in London

As her children had grown into young adults, Gertie found herself with increasing amounts of free time. Around the same time Gertie’s husband was made redundant, so there was a potential need for an additional income stream.

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Meet Ben

Investing in Bridgwater

Ben Gould explains why Platinum Property Partners gave him and his parents, Mike and Jane, a secure way to invest in property that would give them an income in the short-term and security in the long-term…

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Meet Andrew & Christina

Investing in Watford

For the once risk-averse Andrew and Christina Wallace, the thought of selling their beloved family home of more than 20 years to become professional property investors would have seemed absurd. Yet, in the summer of 2014, that’s exactly what they did.

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