All of our Partners have great stories to tell. They come from varied walks of life and have many different reasons for joining.

Let them tell you in their own words why they joined Platinum, how they have found the experience and what they think of the benefits to their finances and lifestyle.


Meet Gertie

Investing in London

As her children had grown into young adults, Gertie found herself with increasing amounts of free time. Around the same time Gertie’s husband was made redundant, so there was a potential need for an additional income stream.

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Meet Julie and Andrew

Investing in Nottingham

After the financial crisis, Andrew and Julie Paris wanted to find a secure place for their money and get a better return on their investments. Tired of running his print business in Nottingham, Andrew was also looking for something new, something to challenge him and something he could do with his wife, Julie.

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Meet Mike

Investing in Manchester

Following his departure from a high profile role in an American Automotive corporation, Mike Anderson took stock of his financial position as part of the process to determine the direction of his next career move. The results shocked him.

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Meet Shirley & Ron

Investing in Surrey

Ron Gandolfo and Shirley Lawrence joined PPP in October 2012 after spending a combined 60 years, including many as headteachers, leading very hectic lives in primary education. They were more than ready for a change of career which would provide them with new and different challenges.

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