The best apps for landlords 2019

Setting up your own property business can be a great way to generate an income to replace your salary, give you back your freedom and build an amazing legacy for your children.

But all those amazing benefits don’t come without a bit of hard work.

Platinum investors, of course, get all the education, support and guidance needed to successfully build profitable portfolios of shared living properties for professionals.

But there are also a multitude of smart phone and tablet apps available to help landlords manage their rental properties with the touch or swipe of a screen.

The best apps for landlords

Let’s take a look at nine of the best apps for shared living landlords in the UK…

  1. Mobile Landlord
  2. Landlord Property Buddy
  3. Stamp Duty Calculator (UK)
  4. Planner 5D
  5. SpeedSmart
  6. AroundMe
  7. Inventory Pro
  8. Docusign
  9. WhatsApp

1 Mobile Landlord

Built by Direct Line for Business, Mobile Landlord is a great app for landlords keen to keep details of their investment properties in one, easily accessible place.

You can create profiles for up to five properties – ideal for shared living portfolios – and the app stores everything from financial information to details on your tenants, syncing nicely with your phone’s calendar along the way.

Cost: FREE

2 Landlord Property Buddy

A superb app, albeit one that comes with in-app costs, Landlord Property Buddy stores information on rent collection, income, expenses and also provides reminders of major dates like tenancy renewals and health and safety inspections.

Cost: FREE (with in-app purchases from £12.99 to £239.99)

3 Stamp Duty Calculator (UK)

Unless you’re something of a mathematician, working out how much stamp duty you’ll owe on that lovely new property you have your eye on can be tricky – especially when you add on the 3% extra payable for buy-to-let properties.

This app can give you that figure instantly, making the decision on whether to go ahead or continue your search elsewhere an easy one.

Cost: FREE

4 Planner 5D

A major part of shared living property investment is renovations. Investors planning renovations to turn a family home into, say, a six-bedroom shared living property need to have vision.

The Planner 5D app shows you what your property could look like when it’s finished – you can even update floor plans and add square footage before customising decoration, flooring and furniture.

Cost: FREE (with in-app purchases from £8.99 to £48.99)

5 SpeedSmart

What do tenants consider a ‘must have’ from any rental property these days? That’s right – WiFi.

Staying connected has never been more important to renters, so when you’re looking at a new property to invest in, it pays to know about broadband speeds and mobile reception.

SpeedSmart allows you to test out a property’s connectivity before you splash out.

Cost: FREE (£1.99 to remove ads)

6 AroundMe

Location is hugely important when investing in shared living property for professional tenants.

Employment rates, types of employment and transport links are just three of the factors that will affect your property’s rental appeal.

AroundMe details everything around the property you’re looking to invest in, so you can make sure it’s going to be a popular choice for tenants before you buy it.

Cost: FREE (£2.99 to remove ads)

7 Inventory Pro

Of course, you hope your tenants will take great care of your shared living property.

But having an inventory detailing a property’s condition at the start of any new tenancy is crucial.

And now you only need your phone to do one.

Inventory Pro allows you to record the condition of each room in your property, with text descriptions and photos.

Cost: £4.99 per tenancy

8 Docusign

Paper is a thing of the past – which is great for you as a landlord as well as the environment.

With Docusign, you can get applications, tenancy agreements and inventories signed off with the squiggle of a finger on a phone screen.

You don’t even need to be in front of a tenant. In fact, you don’t even need to be in the same country.

Cost: FREE (with in-app purchases from 99p to £189.99)

9 WhatsApp

An oldie, but a goodie. WhatsApp is a great app to communicate with your tenants in an easy, non-intrusive way.

You should also encourage your tenants to create a house ‘group’ on the app, which encourages positive communication between housemates and can help ensure everyone is pulling their weight when the bins need to go out…

Cost: FREE


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