Platinum Property Partners (PPP) is the world’s first property investment franchise.

Property Franchise UK: We are a full members of the…

We recognise the importance of not only promoting the highest standards in the franchise industry but delivering this across everything we do.

We’re proud to be a member of both of these organisations.

We are often asked by the BFA to provide our ‘experts in the field’ for seminar talks at many of the leading franchise exhibitions which is a great way for us to champion the industry as well as franchising.

To assist the AFA as a growing smaller organisation, we occasionally host their networking meetings in our Head Office.

Property Franchise UK: The mentoring

Our Franchise Partners are provided with one-to-one mentors throughout their entire franchise term, to assist them with all areas of managing their portfolio.

They are partnered with a location and buying mentor who accompanies them throughout the process of deciding the location of their portfolio and purchasing their first property.

Throughout this process, the mentor will help them make important decisions, setting up a strong foundation and understanding for them to continue purchasing the most suitable and cost-efficient portfolio of properties.

Our partners are also allocated a refurbishment mentor who helps them optimise the space in their property and prioritise the most integral aspects of their HMO refurbishment within their budget for a stronger ROI.

Property Franchise UK: On-going support

Throughout their franchise term, all of our partners have access to a bespoke intranet service which connects all of our Franchise Partners through group forums, shared galleries and supplier directories.

As well as providing them with an array of PPP online training materials, tailored to their specific stage of the process.

In addition to this, we hold quarterly regional workshops across six locations and two National Workshops, where all our Franchise Partners can come together, network and learn.

These provide our Franchise Partners with the perfect opportunity to gain additional support and advice on their specialist buy-to-let property portfolios and to keep up to date with industry developments, as well as allowing them socialise and network with each other.

From this, many of our Franchise Partners have formed their own joint venture businesses through getting to know other like-minded partners at PPP events.

Alongside encouraging partners to communicate openly, we provide them with relevant information, documents and practical support from day one, with our team of over 50 experts and Head Office staff on hand to answer any questions and offer advice all the way through.

Post initial training days, further support is provided in the form of tailored workshops and webinars to help partners hone their skills and optimise their portfolio’s success.

To also ensure that our Franchise Partners are kept up to date, we provide resource packs, company/supplier presentations and regular updates on change in legislation and the property sector. With this we also offer our advice and guidance on how to deal with these issues as they arise.