Committing to a franchise is not a decision you make without careful consideration. It requires a comprehensive understanding of your personal circumstances, capacity for investment and most importantly, an understanding of the franchise model you are entering into a partnership with. In order to help you with this, we’ve designed a suite of tools and resources for you to utilise that will help you decide whether you are a good fit for our franchise, but most importantly – whether our franchise is a good fit for you.

Combining Franchising with Property e-Guide – 7 Steps to Success in 2021

Our HMO guide, built upon the experience of more than 390 Platinum HMO investors, will walk you through the most crucial steps you need to take, and the mistakes you'll need to avoid, when starting out on your property investment journey. It touches upon everything from legislation and planning to decorating and tenanting, so whether you’re just dipping your toe in the property investment world or you’re a seasoned buy-to-let landlord, there is something inside that will help you.

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Franchise partner stories

Our Franchise Partners come from all walks of life. Some have a lot of property experience and others have very little, or none. But all of them are now enjoying the income and freedom that come from partnering with Platinum.