These are some of the tools that PPP have used to help accelerate their journey to financial freedom.

If you are visiting this page because you have read ‘Successful Property Investing’, then you will already have some awareness of how these resources should be able to help you.

Property Investor Profile

Find out what type of property investor you are. Answer a series of short, simple questions and receive a PDF report detailing your traits and how they will help you towards building a profitable property portfolio.

Get your report

Wheel of Life

Identify where your life is right now and where you want to be in the future using our Wheel of Life web application.

The Wheel of Life

Personal Development

Download T. Harv Eker´s questionnaire to identify your financial blocks and limiting beliefs.

Download the Questionnaire

Also, our goal setting template will help you set realistic goals and take a big step towards accelerating your success.

Download the Goal Setting Template

Your Net Worth

Use our online Net Worth Calculator to get a complete picture of your own financial situation and better understand your net worth.

Net Worth Calculator

Or, if you prefer spreadsheets, download and complete our personal financial statement template.

Personal Financial Statement Template

Recommended Reading

Access our recommended reading list for our top 50 books that will change your life forever

PPP’s top 50 booklist

Due Diligence framework

A sample due diligence information sheet (this one is for an International deal) that will help you analyse an opportunity and ensure you have considered all the important aspects.

Due Diligence Information Sheet

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